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Committed to Data Quality Membership forms, high street surveys, in-store promotions and prize draws are all excellent ways of interacting with prospects, customers and the general public.

However, in all cases the key to success lies in the accurate processing of your data. At Data Entry UK, we've spent almost 40 years perfecting our data quality management standard.

Below are a sample of the validation routines we apply to our client's data.

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Respondent's Title

We first check for a valid title against our valid titles file.

If no title is given, we key a default according to the first name and/or gender of the respondent.

Respondent's Gender

We check a gender is present and matches the title and first name of the respondent.

If none is given, we key the default based on the first name/title where possible.

Respondent's First Name

We check the first name/s are present and correspond to the title and gender.

We also compare against our Names database for valid entries.

Respondent's Surname

We check a surname is present and appropriate for the first name.

If the surname or name are missing, we either reject the entry or key as seen based on our client's instructions.

Date of Birth or Age

We check that a date is present and the day/month are valid.

We undertake leap year validation and check that the date of birth or age meets the client's membership qualification criteria.

Respondent's Address

We use a sophisticated in-house PAF address system for checking the respondent's address.

As a double-check, we also key the first 3 characters of the street and check that it matches the first 3 characters of the PAF street.

For invalid or incomplete addresses and postcodes, we endeavour to find the correct information.

Where we cannot determine the correct postcode, we enter as much information as we can, adding the correct town, county and the first part of the postcode.

House Name or Number

For properties with a number, we check for common patterns such as "12", "123A"...

If no house number exists, we check for a house name.

Landline & Mobile Numbers

We check for the correct pattern in landline and mobile numbers written with or without spaces.

We also undertake validation for London numbers (0207 or 0208) and mobile numbers (07 prefix). Where both are supplied, we ensure each is unique.

Respondent's Email Address

We check the email address for valid characters; ensuring it has only one "@" sign and a correctly formed server name (where possible).

We also check for valid endings such as ".", ".com", "".

In addition, we undertake a manual check in cases where the supplied email address is greater than 40 or less than 11 characters in length.

Tick or Check Boxes

These can have none or a combination of responses and we always check that only the required boxes have been ticked.

Tick boxes are first converted into their binary form ("1" or "0") and then into whatever characters the client requires on the output record.

Respondent's Signature

We ensure all forms are signed in ink or ballpoint pen where this is required.

Response or Form Dates

In cases where one or more dates must be present, we check these are valid.

We can also check that the supplied date is within a given number of days (e.g. 5) of the received date.

Membership Numbers

We provide sophisticated membership number processing, including using the client's own check digit routines.

If there is a range of Member numbers then we check the number is within this range.

Does each member card start with a unique sequence? If so, this can also be checked before any further validation is undertaken.

If a Member number is incomplete, invalid or missing, this can be keyed or rejected according to our client's instructions.

We also provide duplicate checking and de-duplication services.

General Form Validation

All fields are checked for valid characters, maximum field lengths (e.g. address lines), etc.

Our validation protocols are customised for each client, ensuring the highest levels of data accuracy and integrity.

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