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Experience, Flexibility and Value Since 1979, Data Entry UK has been helping clients capture valuable data about their employees, prospects, customers and marketplace.

Our UK-based team of data entry professionals delivers 12 million key depressions every week with unrivalled data quality.

Operating at peak, we can provide 1 million key depressions every 24 hour cycle for high volume projects - or those requiring a rapid turnaround.

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Fast, Accurate and Secure Data Capture

Fast accurate and secure data capture in a wide range of output formats, including: ASCII, IBM, EBCDIC, NCR, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

We can provide fixed or variable-length records in either upper and lower case or upper case only. Captured data can be delivered electronically (e.g. as an email attachment or via FTP), on tape cartridge, diskette or CD-ROM/DVD.

Our unique quality management standard ensures the highest level of accuracy for your data.

Data validation reports are provided free-of-charge to all our customers.

Intelligent Address Handling

Accurate address capture is a vital part of the data entry process. We employ our own in-house Postal Address File (PAF), ensuring we have access to the most up-to-date information.

Our data capture processes ensure postal address data is handled intelligently and is free of duplicates.

We can also handle all your bulk gone-aways using our own PO Box facilities.

Secure Data Processing

Our audited procedures ensure your data is collected and processed with 100% security.

Processed forms can either be returned or destroyed in an environmentally responsible manner.

Related Services

If you're planning a survey, loyalty scheme or other data-related initiative, why not take advantage of our experience and let us advise you on the best form, card or label design for your project?

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